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Massacre Your Challenges!

I’m active on LinkedIn and my network continues to grow. I get all kinds of connection requests as many of you do. Generally, I’ll glance at a person’s bio to make sure the connection makes sense for me. I ignore the carpet cleaners and auto service businesses that are across the county who want to connect, but I always accept connections with people within our industry.

Recently, a distributor reached out to me and I have to say, I was impressed by his bio.

Play Ball!

My 16-year-old son and I just returned from a trip to Phoenix for Spring Training
. Love us or hate us, we are Dodger Fans. Actually my son is the big fan. I’m just along for the ride, but am catching the vision. My family was in the sporting goods business and we have always had great sports event tickets and I do like going to games.

Building memories and experiences with my son is important to me. As part of that parenting plan, I’m working on liking baseball even though it moves a bit slow for my taste.

With a new ownership group and what should be the dream team, I could start bleeding Dodger Blue again. Although so far it didn't quite work out that way for the 2013 Laker “Dream Team".

How Does Your Yellow Page Ad Look?

Recently, I’ve had some Yellow Page directories drop onto my driveway in a plastic bag. Years ago, I used to look forward to seeing these and checking out what my competitors were doing. Now, the book goes immediately into the recycle container.

Yellow Pages, which started as literally, the yellow pages in the back of the phone book, used to be a key form of advertising. You had to be there. Now the book amazingly continues to be printed in a variety of small formats.

The display ads are primarily bail bonds companies, plumbers, along with criminal and ambulance chaser attorneys.

I Love the Smell of Steer Manure

My friends to the left are responsible for that great steer manure smell that I love so much! One great thing about Southern California is the weather. It’s sunny most of the time and we don’t get intense storms like many parts of the country do.

I’m kind of a gardening nut, always planting flowers and I like to keep my grass healthy. Each year at the proper time, we put Winter Rye on our lawn. It’s a simple thing to put down the seed with many bags of steer manure. Some find the manure smell disgusting but being a bit odd, I kind of like it. I’m not sure why, but part of it is I know it helps the lawn stay healthy.

A Hot Dog Vendor Has a Timely Story to Tell

This is a story of timely relevance. It is about a hot dog vendor who could have made it big.
 He almost did, but then he lost his nerve. This man, lets call him Fred, suffered from poor eyesight, so he didn’t watch television or read the newspapers. He was also hard of hearing, so he didn’t listen to the radio either. But he made good hot dogs.

Do You Suffer from "Elephant Thinking?"

My friend Charley Johnson put together these thoughts on Elephant Thinking.  Enjoy!

In good times, in bad times and in between times, the same rules apply. If you want to do something, you will find a way. If you don’t, you will make excuses. The future of our industry is not in some new technology or exclusive new product. It’s in the minds of the people.

The mentality that holds many people back is due to “elephant thinking.” Elephant thinking stems from when a baby elephant is strained for the circus.

You Have a Choice!

Here's a thought-provoking piece from the forward-thinking Charley Johnson:

What Direction Do You Want to Go? What do you do when everything around you starts becoming everything you never wanted it to be? Do you cut bait and move on or believe this change is necessary? This is a very tough choice, and I assume either option will work out OK.

But which path will cause you the least emotional exhaustion?

Statements are NOT Questions. Don't Answer Them

After making the best possible presentation and after spending most of the night before preparing an extensive written proposal, Tim waited with bated breath for the prospect to say "yes."  The silence in the office was broken only by the prospect leafing through the written proposal.  Tim was tied in knots.

"Well," said the prospect looking up with a smile, "you have given me the best presentation that I ever had."

Teach Your Clients to OUT-MARKET Their Competition… by Spending LESS!

This is a Message You Can Absorb and Convey to your Clients:

Most businesses fail or go broke – and yours can, too. Surveys indicate that 90% of all business started in the U.S. have failed or gone broke.  This means that, literally, 9 out of 10 of your competitors will go broke.  When a business or organization is promoted successfully and efficiently, it sets up a business environment that favors longevity.

Family Time Simply Makes Good Business Sense


Have you ever made one of those "to do" lists? I have a friend who is so serious about those things that she even writes down stuff she has already done - just so she can cross it off!

What Is "THE" Most Important Factor In Sales Performance?

That’s the million dollar question, isn’t it?  So, what’s the answer?

If we ask a hundred experts we are going to get a ton of different answers, theories, insights, and points of view. And, I am guessing a good handful of them would have enough validity for us to have to take a hard look at their reasoning. A large number of those opinions would have some validity but most likely, in my experience, don’t have any basis in fact so they are hard to put much stock in.

5 Selling Tips to Increase Your Sales

Here are 5 selling tips to help you increase your sales. All 5 work for any business. They're effective for both online and traditional offline marketing. And they won't cost you anything to implement.

12 Ways to Thank Your Customers
Here are Client Appreciation Strategies You Can Use Year-Round

One of the biggest mistakes a business can make is investing the majority of marketing efforts in attracting new customers and forgetting about past customers. Your current and past clients are the foundation of your business because without them, your business would not exist.  It also costs far more to acquire a new client than it costs to generate business from an existing client.

10 Essential Tips For Great Communication With Your Kids

An open and honest continuing dialogue with our children is crucial for parental success. When walls are created and information stunted, we are not able to forecast trouble looming on the horizon. Lack of proper communication also stymies solid bonding between parent and child. Many family tragedies could be avoided simply by talking. Here are some thoughts to help bring the joyous sounds of constant family chatter to your home:

10 Ways to Not Waste Your Life

First off, understand this: 
No life is ever wasted, not so long as you have a pulse and the capacity to believe.