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Sprint…Lessons from the Company of NO!

This Rant addresses my business experience with Sprint. It's one of the most dysfunctional business dealings I've ever had
. But as usual, in life’s experiences, there are lessons to be learned.

A “Rant” in Sheep’s Clothing

Deep Thoughts from Multi-Line Rep Nowell Wisch

As we continue our …Really?? rant series, this time it’s from the perspective of a Multi-Line Rep. My goal in these Rant's is to address communication challenges and best practices from all facets of our industry. By seeing situations from another person’s vantage point, I hope that it helps remind us that communication is a two way street.  And we all have room for improvement.

…Really?? The Rant Continues!

I recently penned a commentary on a few things that have had me scratching my head asking…Really?? This struck a nerve with our audience and was the most opened FreePromoTips e-newsletter we have had in recent years. If you missed it this article, you can find it here. Our personal and professional lives are filled with …Really?? moments.

17 People, 20 Million in Sales…Really??

Rod Brown may be the best salesperson ever. He proposed to his wife Barbara eight days after their first date. She walked into his distributorship as a rep for the Shaw Umbrella Company and after two business meetings they had their first date on a Thursday night. The following Friday, he proposed. They have been happily married for 25 years. “The best sale I ever made!” he recounts. 


Why…be connected? I’ve often talked about my love of tradeshows and the value of business relationships, which are the cornerstone of a successful business. 

 I’ve just returned from the Promotional Marketing Association of Northern California (PMANC) Spring Event. Held in Monterey California. My time spent there defines why I love the Regional Associations and the value of the industry connections we nurture by being involved.

GP2: Good Products.-Good Prices???

After an industry trade show recently, I had an “Ah Hah Moment.” Don’t laugh when I tell that I’m just now realizing that at its core, we are an industry that’s based on products and price. …Really??

When the Time is Right

Two years ago a friend and fellow board member asked me to write "my SAAGNY story". Like too many things in life I procrastinated doing this. I could give you many reasons why I did and most of them are valid. I have always found it interesting in life when different worlds collide. I have typically kept my work life separate from my private life. I have not done this for any particular reason, I just have.


While my primary business these days is publishing, I’ve been in the custom imprinted products business for over 25 years. My client base represents a nice steady flow of product business, which means I still have a good understanding of what’s happening in our industry.

Recently, I’ve been blessed with a flurry of rather significant business opportunities, with quantities and dollar volumes that I haven’t seen in my long history. In the course of working on these projects, a rude awakening of how the distributor/supplier relationship works, or occasionally doesn’t work, have me scratching my head and asking…Really?

As part of my mental health therapy I’m going to share a few…Really? moments. No suppliers will be harmed during this Rant.

What Impact Do You Have?

Recently, someone impacted my life. It was a virtual stranger I have never met. This wasn’t a family member, a friend, business colleague, or spiritual advisor. It was probably someone who was the least likely person to change my perspective on things. It was a sales guy. But the impact this person has made on me has made me think about my influence on others.

Turn, Turn, Turn…A Reflection on the Past and the Future

During the Holiday season I had the opportunity to slow things down at bit. Like many of you, I move fast. I enjoy what I do and work far more than anyone with a “typical” 9 to 5 type job. Of course in our industry, most of us don’t have typical 9 to 5 jobs and the passion we have for what we do is what makes our career path so rewarding. 

SAAGNY Takes Action!

We are in an awesome industry that cares about one another! In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, we can see this in how our industry works together to make a difference in the lives of others.

Natural disasters negatively affect personal lives and disrupt business operations. Before Hurricane Sandy, there was Hurricane Katrina, Midwest tornados and in my neighborhood, the devastating Northridge Earthquake that caused incredible damage.

Did the Election Mean Business Loss or Gain for You?

Now that the election is (thankfully) over, the question could be asked, how much business did you lose (or gain) during this political season based on your viewpoint?   

What Does This Mean for Your Business?

LinkedIn has added a new “click” feature that enables you to very easily “endorse” people for their expertise in the skill areas listed on their LinkedIn profile. A recent article from Social Media Examiner talks about this new feature and offers 6 Tips for Using the LinkedIn New Endorsements. Endorsements has been met with mixed reviews. But it does set the stage for additional dialogue on how social media connections turn into actual business relationships?

Through the new feature I have received Endorsements like many of you probably have. I’m honored to receive this acknowledgement from my industry colleagues, but it makes me wonder what these Endorsements actually represent. 

No Fleas on Me. A Commentary from Industry Veteran, Nowell Wisch

I have seen more amazing things happen than I could have ever imagined in the decades I've been in this industry. Along with profound change, I’ve witnessed profound stupidity and ignorance. I’ve seen tremendous intelligence undermined by human nature and abominable behavior. In short, not much surprises me anymore.

Do We Need a Website Like This?

Recently a post was put on the FreePromoTips Facebook Wall announcing a new web site: