Industry Commentary

What Do You and Your Company Represent?

Recently I had a revelation. For many years, I have worked to build up a significant online presence for my PPAI Award Winning, content driven program Our industry database for our E-Newsletter is 50,000 and we have a strong social media reach.

I’ve shared about this before, but that isn’t the point of this commentary.

Evolving Trends to Reach Buyers

An ever-changing marketplace is something we all ponder. Our ability to thrive will depend on how well we keep adjusting to these changes and evolving communication trends.

Distributors and Suppliers…Do You Know What You are Missing?

Sometimes we just miss the obvious. We are SO busy doing what we are accustomed to doing we miss opportunities. Communication methods are changing SO fast we just can’t keep up with them. Many of us decide that we don’t have the time to learn anything new. What we have been doing has worked pretty well for the past several years…so why do anything different?

ONE Key to Success in Life and Business…

I could easily title this commentary “What’s REALLY important”, but instead I am going to drill it down to just one really important thing that has been hit home for me. I’m hardly qualified to speak fully on keys to success, I am however very confident that what I’m going to share here is ONE key to success.

I’m Promoting a Competitor…Why Should That Matter to You?

In a recent commentary, How Does Amazon’s Business Model Affect Us? I alluded to how online efficiency will change how products are being purchased, even promotional products. has set the gold standard in online ordering.

Fido, Felines, Fitness, Family and Friendships

Those who know me know I love my dogs. Spud, our precocious miniature dachshund has been featured in many of my videos. I’ve never been a cat person, but my animal-loving son talked me into getting a cat to deal with a rodent problem we have. It turns out the cat, who we named Spartacus the Mighty Rat Killer, not only has done his job…he’s pretty cool too. Geez...I'm one of those "cat people" now!

How Does Amazon’s "Click to Buy" Business Model Affect Us?

Our evolving industry business model continues to be a hot topic. Recently I started wondering how an online purchasing mentality, I’ll call the Amazon “Click to Buy” world, affects our industry. It begs the question, are we really needed? When I say “we” I am referring to distributors. It’s getting easier and easier for end-users to buy online, or direct from suppliers.

However our industry evolves…change is happening whether we like it or not. Here is recent, personal “real world” experience:

What’s Real and What’s Fake?

In a previous commentary, I addressed the topic of Twitter in my piece Suppliers Where are You? One of my industry colleagues accurately referred to a Twitter feed as a “river”. That also applies to all social media threads. There is SO much information floating down the river every hour of every day that none of us can grasp it all.

Suppliers…Where Are You?

I am hardly an expert in the area of social media. In my personal online life, I will post pictures of my cute, but very weird dogs and family outings. I’ll occasionally “check in” at restaurants, since it’s important for my “friends” to know I’m eating well and hanging with the right people that I “tag”.

So You Think it’s Fun?

Having just returned from some early season trade shows, I am in awe of the commitment my industry colleagues have to help us build our business. I wrote about this some time ago in a commentary entitled, A Salute to Our Industry Heroes.

A Memorable Week!

You don’t realize the impact  of some things until you have a few days to reflect on what happened. I’ve been to many PPAI Expo weeks, but this one was like no other. In this commentary I’m sharing a few of my video reports that offer some insight on what went on in Vegas. Those who attended experienced a great week. If you weren’t there, perhaps you will consider being a part of the industry’s gathering place next year.

Who Let the Air Out of the Balloon?

At the 2015 PPAI Expo, received a technology award for our website.

I Could Have Slept In Too…

This commentary could be entitled I Could Have Slept In Two because it's actually a follow up article. In the first one I shared the revelation that sleeping in may not be the most refreshing thing I could do early on a Saturday morning.

It’s Simple. Be Nice. It’s Good for Business!

Good communication leads to good relationships and good relationships are good for business. This applies to both our personal and professional lives. Whether you are on the distributor or supplier side of our industry, your business is based on selling something. To ultimately be successful selling, you need to start with being a good communicator.

Why Should You Do This?

I’m writing this while recovering from a big running race in our town...the Santa Clarita Marathon, Half Marathon and 5K. I did the 5K. Sitting here sore in a few places, I ponder why I’ve started this whole running-fitness thing. The answer is pretty simple. Beyond the little pain I’m experiencing now, I actually feel great. In reality there is much more to it than that.