Industry Commentary

The Game is Changing. Are You Ready to Play?


I’ve been writing on things changing in our industry for years. It’s certainly not a new topic. What is changing…so to speak, is that our industry is FINALLY realizing and accepting that it’s changing.

In past commentaries I’ve talked about changing business models, social media, and new communication strategies. In this commentary I’m going to talk about acceptance of a changing game and who’s changing it.


Do You Really Care?


As the dust settles from the January trade shows, I thought I would share something I’ve been pondering for a while. At these great industry events, hands are shaken and badges are scanned. Seemingly, business is being done. In this commentary, I touch on the importance of relationships and communication methods.

The Best PPAI Expo Ever…Really??


The branding for this year’s Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) Expo was “The Best Expo Ever” which is a big claim, considering the Expo is always a great event.

Is Being Smarter Than Your Competitors Important?


Through the years, I have attended a variety of education classes that have had a positive impact on my business. I persevered and with my eye on a goal, I obtained my Master Advertising Specialist (MAS) designation. This is an accomplishment that very few people in our industry have achieved. We all have the opportunity to enhance our careers through ongoing professional development.

Concubines, Coffee and Change

"Sixty queens there may be, and eighty concubines, and virgins beyond number; but my dove, my perfect one, is unique..." (Song of Solomon 6:8-9).

This Old Testament verse, interestingly written by one of my very distant relatives (Solomon), beautifully makes a point that modern day language can’t quite convey.

The Industry “Disruptors”…Do They Impact Your Business?

I was blessed to be able to attend the 2015 ASI Power Summit, which is a gathering of industry leaders. I’ve also been privileged to attend several Leadership Conferences. The time spent at events like these is always productive. ASI put together a thought provoking slate of presentations for this Power Summit.

What Opportunities Are You Missing?

I am writing this piece on a business trip like I've never taken. In the past I've traveled a bit presenting education session at trade shows and Regional Associations. I've attended amazing conferences like the PPAI North American Leadership Conference. This year I'm attending the ASI Power Summit. The relationships that are nurtured and the knowledge that is gained from attending events like these take professional development to a new level.

A Personal Reflection on Life and Loss

Life has its ups and downs.

We can all rejoice in the good things we have experienced in life. As a kid, you may have done special things in sports and celebrated academic accomplishments. We’ve had memorable vacations. Appreciated the simple beauty of sunsets…or sunrises. Delighted in the accomplishment of our children. We have enjoyed some success…however you choose to define the term.

Life is filled with blessings. Life is also filled with challenges. 

What Can We Learn From the Artist Formerly Known as Prince

Since I recently wrote a commentary on Are You Too Old To Rock, I thought I would share another thought from the world of music. 

Let's Drink to Success!

Perhaps this title grabbed your attention? Business is done through building relationships that we build through personal connections. These connections happen when being involved in our community and in our industry. They are created by being engaged with others. Relationships can be built while drinking the beverage of your choice.

Are You Too Old to Rock?

I love music. From the days of 4 track and 8 track tapes, music has played a key role throughout my life. For those of you who wonder what those are, I have added Wikipedia reference links.

What Makes Our Industry Great?

I’ve been traveling lately and have a few more trips coming in the next month. Travel can be grueling, but it is how business gets done. The personal relationships that are nurtured in face-to-face meetings are just one of the things that make our industry great.

Why Is Online Influence Important?

I see the industry from many sides both in my role as publisher of the PPAI award-winning, and as a distributor. My perspective is different from most and that enables me to publish content that is of interest to our industry.

Colliding Worlds: Does This Scare You?

In building our PPAI award winning program into a valuable resource for the industry, we have always made a conscious effort to keep it out of the radar of the non-industry online community. This is a program with content that specifically is focused on the promotional marketing industry.

If end-user buyers were to open the window into the promotional products industry, what would they find?

Goofus and Gallant…A Tale of Two Businesses

Some of you may recall the classic characters Goofus and Gallant from Highlights Magazine for Children. As you might guess, Goofus did things wrong…and Gallant, as the name implies, was gallant and did things right.